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Specialty Dentistry- Oral Surgery

decayed teeth

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, there is no other choice but to take the tooth out. The experience differs from one person to the next and also differs from tooth to tooth. Rest assured that with Beyond Smiles Dentistry PH, you are in good hands. We will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Surgical Removal of Teeth including 3rd molars (wisdom teeth)

Between the ages of 17-25 years old, the last set of teeth in the mouth come out. For some, the 3rd molars have space and they have no problems with them. But for most people, there's no space left in the mouth  so the wisdom teeth grow sideways and usually cause pain and sometimes decay to the tooth beside it. 


Different Surgical Procedures

There are people with excess bone called torus/ tori that make it difficult for them to wear dentures. In such cases, tori removal may be recommended.  Other types of surgical procedures include exposure of impacted tooth, removal of cyst and lesions, etc.

Do NOT Wait To Feel Intense Pain Before You Have Your Teeth Checked.

Pain and discomfort are the body's way of telling us that there is something wrong. DO NOT IGNORE the warnings. Any infection in the mouth affects the overall health. Let us ease your pain and allow us to help you improve your well-being. 

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We are conveniently located across Fairview Center Mall, behind Jollibee and Mang Inasal. Our clinic space is above Jackspencer Construction Supply.


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